Spinnaker Dbase Tools

Spinnaker Dbase Tools 2.68

Spinnaker Dbase Tools is a compilation of various add-ins designed for Excel
2.68 (See all)

Spinnaker Data Base Tools is a compilation of various add-ins originated from custom projects and repeated questions in the Excel newsgroups.

Main add-ins :

- Spinnaker Screens sets your screen options (i.e. scrollbars, gridlines, sheet tabs, etc.) in a snap. It also organizes your Spinnaker DB Add-ins toolbar and assists you when you are ready to register the suite.
- Spinnaker Columns quickly and easily moves, deletes, hides and unhides columns in your spreadsheet.
- Spinnaker Extracts copies data from multiple sheets from multiple workbooks to a different or new workbook based on one search criterion. This greatly facilitates the editing of the original data.
- Spinnaker Filters will make it very easy for you to apply complex data filters to any database you can open in Excel and you can save the filter profiles you develop for later use too!
- Spinnaker Functions features an optional set of D-functions (i.e. DSUM, DGET, DCOUNT, DMIN, DMAX, DAVERAGE, etc.). The big difference between these functions and the Excel functions is that they allow you to specify the criteria in the function instead of an external range. Spinnaker Functions also provides 4 extra logical functions and 4 "checkdigit" functions.
- Spinnaker Merges combines data from multiple excel data tables based on a single matching field between one (Master)file and one or more (Source)files. Example: If you have names and addresses in one workbook, and names with phone numbers in another workbook, you can quickly add a field of phone numbers to the first list, or vice versa.
- Spinnaker Prints allows you to make multi range and multi section prints on one page otherwise hard to make in Excel.
- Spinnaker Strings features an easy to use concatenation and text to columns feature along with a choice of 16 String modification procedures. If you do a lot of text modifications in Excel you should give this add-in a try.

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